The Vitruvian Man

During the holidays I got unsolicited ads each day on anything from a Dyson hairdryer to a discounted subscription at MasterClass on my social media pages. Growing up in Asia, the world of online classes feels like family. I’ve been taking classes outside of school since I was 10 years…

Recently I’ve been following many fashion rental companies out of curiosity and personal interest to save on items that I rarely wear but would like to have. Fashion rental as a space gives consumer plenty promises — a rotating wardrobe; no more expensive dry cleaning and boring cloth-folding; and on…

Lola’s organic tampons have quickly won over a loyal group of customers

One of the trendy words lately that caught my eye is “Femtech”. Essentially, femtech companies direct their attention to solve the existing issues that the female population specifically faces, ranging anywhere from personal finance to healthcare. It’s easy to understand and appreciate the values female-oriented services or products such as…

Chialin Yu

Investor & brunch goer / NYC

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